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You deserve to get your nails back

The best way to stop biting your nails:

 The process is simple:

  1. Take an exact impression of your teeth using a special kit

  2. Send the impressions back to us. 

  3. We will manufacture custom-made appliances that will make  you stop biting your nails for good by blocking your teeth from making any additional damage. You have probably wondered "how to stop biting my nails?" well, our nail-biting treatment is the best way to stop biting nails known to science. A total nail-biting protection that will lead to full rehabilitation.
    In order to ensure we can help you stop biting your nails, the first step is to complete a very short questionnaire.

Our clinic specializes in curing compulsive nail-biting online, with a unique appliance that makes it impossible to bite the nails and cuticles. We offer the best and most efficient nail biting treatment and the greatest hope for nail biters, with 90% success rate.
After only 2 months of using the deterrent device the impulse to bite the nails and cuticles will disappear in 90% of the patients and lead to a full nail-biting stop. After 2 months you will be able to stop using the device and never bite your nails again. Our clinic offers the best way to stop biting nails. We ship worldwide with no shipping costs. No one will be able to notice that you’re wearing the hidden devices, and your diction will not be altered

How to stop nail biting?

 How to stop biting my nails in 2 easy steps?

  1. Wear a unique dental stop biting nails appliance, 24/7 for two months, in order to protect your nails and stop the nail biting urge. ( FREE shipping worldwide)

  2. Use the unique 7-steps files and buffers to smooth your nails and cuticles to stop the nail biting trigger

Stop biting nails forever

Once you start using the nail biting deterrent product nail biting will be history

Worldwide nail biting treatment

Using our special self-impression kit, we can cure nail biters around the globe with no shipping fees worldwide.

The nail biting deterrent product is totally transparent
so no one will notice that you are wearing it.

Nail Biters' hope

Finally a true solution
without using any  bitter toxic substances
and no more nail biting home remedies 


Fast and permanent results

Within 2 months, the nail biting urge will be stopped for good.

Easy and comfortable

After a few days you won't feel you're wearing the nail biting product.

Stop biting nails with a revolutionary invention  - a stop biting nail product now available online

Using the nail biting deterrent product is analogous to locking a person in a prison cell – in the beginning the urge to break free and leave the cell is strong. However, whenever they try to open the door they face the fact that the door is locked. As the time goes by, the urge to escape lessens until there is an acceptance of the situation – and the will to break free is stopped. A very similar thing happens while using the deterrent device – at the beginning the brain sends an order to bite the nails regularly as the urge is still strong. But when the hand reaches the mouth, the brain realizes the option to bite the nail and skin is ‘locked’.  At the initial stage, your brain will test its boundaries and will try to bite the nails and skin repeatedly, but continual use of the nail biting deterrent product over 2 months of treatment will eventually, eliminate the nail biting urge.  This is how to stop biting nails.

How do I stop biting my nails
with the nail biting deterrent device

The nail biting deterrent appliances are tailor-made products made from an FDA-approved material,  aimed at curing nail biters.

These devices are made from an extremely thin and transparent material  (only 0.004 of an inch or 1/10th of a millimeter thick), yet extremely durable

 This transparent coating will cover your front teeth and, therefore, your teeth will no longer be sharp. It is like coating the two blades of a pair of scissors, once the blades are no longer sharp the scissors can’t cut. Thus, the teeth can no longer cause any damage to the fingernails and cuticles, and all damage is prevented.  Once the nail biting appliances starts protecting your fingernails and cuticles, you simply won’t be able to cause any more damage - the most simple and effective nail biting solution.
A 2-month nail biting treatment not only totally prevents nail biting but also completely stops the nail biting urge.
After 8 weeks, the nail biting deterrent appliances can be removed and they won’t be needed anymore – in most cases, you will never bite your nails and cuticles again.


In order to manufacture your specific deterrent appliance, we will send you a special kit in order to get precise impressions of your upper and lower jaw structures. You will send the impressions back to us and we will produce two custom nail biting appliances for each jaw, that will fit your teeth perfectly and finally cure you. You can stop biting your nails, it is just a matter of addressing the problem in the right way. There are no other efficient ways to stop nail biting.

A full nail biting stop is possible with the right treatment 

So what is the best nail biting treatment?

There are many ways to stop biting nails, however, If you bite your nails from an early age you will probably continue to bite your nails for many years to come unless you do something drastic about it, one thing for sure - bitter substances won't help you! 
In order to stop nail biting, there are two things that you must do, it is extremely important to understand that both of them are crucial and without them both you probably won't be able to stop biting your nails:


  1.  You must stop all triggers for nail biting.

  2. You must protect your nails from your teeth 24/7 and not count on your willpower to stop nail biting. 

How can you accomplish these two objectives?

In order to stop nail biting you have to make sure that the fingernails and cuticles will be soft and smooth to touch at all times. Nail biters are perfectionists regarding the feel of their nails and cuticles - every imperfection in one of the fingers is felt by the adjacent fingers, as a consequence, the brain sends a command to smooth the rough nail and as a result, the hand goes up towards the mouth. when the finger enters the mouth, the tongue locates the exact location of the rough nail or skin, and the teeth execute the precise command that originated in the brain. That is exactly what happens to you as well, we know nail biters so well since we cure nail biters on a daily basis. In order to accomplish a full nail biting stop, we will make you a tailor-made nail biting deterrent dental appliance, this special appliance will block your teeth from causing any additional damage to your nails and cuticles, and by that, a fast healing process will start. The main purpose of the nail biting appliance is to stop the nail biting urge completely by preventing any damage throughout a long period of time. The problem with all other ways to stop biting nails is the fact that they do not block your teeth, and by that leave you and your willpower to handle the situation, the same willpower that failed over and over again to overcome the nail biting urge ever since you started biting your nails. There are no other effective ways to stop biting nails - We offer the best nail biting treatment and the only treatment that is available to every nail biter worldwide with no shipping costs worldwide. Now that you know the answer to the question of how to stop biting your nails - The decision of what to do about it is ironically in your hands.

Will anyone notice the nail biting deterrent product?

No one will be able to notice any difference in your diction or looks while you wear the nail biting products. Our list of ex-nail biters include singers, radio broadcasters, teachers, psychologists, and doctors – all of whom continued with their everyday work with no interference while using our nail biting deterrent devices, without anyone knowing that they are wearing them. It is how to quit biting nails the smartest and the most elegant way.

We can help you stop biting your nails, 20 years ago there was no solution to nail-biting, however today there is an efficient, convenient treatment that can really help you stop biting your nails, therefore there is no reason whatsoever to have deformed,  and bitten nails. Today there is no reason to suffer from any nail-biting related shame or pain. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on cellular phones, clothes, cars etc. annually but do not find it important enough to treat the one thing that bothers them daily ever  since they were little children, it is sad but you can change the course of your life and start the change stop bitong your nails 

Free your mind from biting your nails and stop being obsessed by nail biting

In addition to email support, we offer scheduled consultations via ZOOM at no additional costs.

If one or more of your devices becomes impaired for any reason, another device will be sent - free of charge.

We will send you a special kit to take the impressions of your upper and lower jaw. The kit includes 6 dental trays for the upper and lower jaws and 6 portions of a dental putty, which is enough to take 3 impressions for each jaw. To ensure accuracy in designing your devices, we include 2 extra molds and extra dental putty for any mistakes you might make.

After you send the finished impressions of your teeth to us, we will produce a total of 4 tailor-made nail biting products. You will get  2 spare devices, as it is important that you will have a backup device for each jaw.

The 4 nail biting prevention products will be sent to you along with 4 special nail files, each of which has 7 different sides that can gradually file and buff your nails and cuticles until they become smooth like silk.

In cases where the nails are severely damaged as a result of several years of nail biting, the treatment might take longer than 8 weeks, and in these cases, additional files and nail biting deterrent products will be added at no extra cost.

During the 8-week nail biting treatment, we ask you to send weekly email updates and pictures of your nails so that we can provide feedback and monitor your progress. You can follow this link to view our before and after examples from past patients.


Years of Experience



Success rate

months treatment


Happy EX-nailbiters


How do I start the best nail biting treatment?

Who can't start the nail biting treatment?

*Pay attention, the nail biting treatment is not suitable for patients - 


  • who have crowns, bridges or veneers

  • who are under the age of 13 (since the teeth are still growing)

  • Who have Any milk teeth, or loose teeth

  • Who have Any existing oral health issues

  • Who are undergoing dental or orthodontic treatment

Stop Biting Your Nails?

Since 2009 nail biters who wanted to stop nail-biting use nail-biting deterrent appliances and free themselves from biting their nails. If you also want to know how to quit biting nails and wonder what is the best way to stop biting nails then search no more – start using the nail-biting deterrent devices and stop biting nails for good. There are no other real efficient ways to stop nail biting – applying bitter substances, wearing gloves, psychotherapy, artificial nails, hypnosis, and using willpower all of these methods won’t help you as they don’t help and just add frustration to nails biters worldwide. You don’t have to worry anymore about how to stop biting your nail, as we are here to help, we will manufacture 4 custom-made nail-biting devices for you, we will help you through an eight-week follow-up. With our unique devices, method, tips, and guidance you will grow your nails back again and fix all the damages you have been doing all these years. We strive to make the process easy for you, we will guide you through every step of the way. Stop the shame, stop the pain when you wash your hands, stop the pain when your hands are cold. Stop the things that people say about you behind your back, YOU know that you are not mentally ill, but other people that stare at your hands sometimes might think differently. some people might be disgusted when you hand them something or when they shake your hands. You don’t have to be that person, you can, and should change the course of your life. The answer to the question of how to stop biting nails is to stop the urge. Every day ask yourself how do I stop biting my nails? and answer – “I need to stop the nail-biting urge”, which can be done only by blocking any attempt to damage your nails by your teeth. Stop using inefficient ways to stop nail biting it will only lead to frustration, now you have the full understanding of how to stop biting your nails, it is easy, efficient, and takes only two months, after years of continuous damage and frustration you can stop biting your nails and stop wondering how to stop biting your nails year after year without ever doing something about it.

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