4 nail biting deterrent devices

2+2 spare
for a 24/7 full protection

four 7-sided nail files and buffers

to smooth all the small pieces of torn cuticles and nails

8 weeks'

once a week you will send us pictures of your nails
and we will give you feedback, recomendations and motivation

never bite again

get back your long and healthy looking nails and gain self-confidence

Please read thoroughly

If you are serious about rehabilitation from nail biting we can help you.

How do you start the nail biting treatment?

  • Fill the short and FREE online pre-qualification questionnaire at "STEP 1" below, about your nail biting habits.
    why should you do that?
    Because Sometimes nail biting is accossiated with other disorders, in some of these cases our special nail biting treatment will not be effective.
    according to your answers we will be able to give you an evaluation of your chances for a full rehabilitation from nail biting and explain to you what is the nature of your disorder.

  • Your answers will be analyzed by our team FREE of charge, normally within 48 hours.
    One of our proffessional team members will give you our evaluation via e-mail.
    in this e-mail you will get a CODE that you will need in STEP 2.
    (If our professional evaluation will be that the chances in your case for a full rehabilitation from nail biting are slim, you will be informed, and unfortunately you will not get a CODE)


  • Order the self-impression kit by choosing "STEP 2" below and supply the verification code that was sent to you.
    the cost of the kit is $34 which includes all shipping costs worldwide.

  • We will ship you the special kit for taking the impressions of your teeth, including detailed instructions.

  • Take the impressions of your jaws (it's  easy) and then send the impressions back to us.

  • Choose  "STEP 3" below and pay for the 4 nail biting deterrent devices (the cost is $552 however you can get an immediate $50 discount coupon for a balance of only $502 ).
    All prices include all international shipping costs, VAT and taxes

  • We will produce 4 custom-made Nbite© deterrent devices (one for each jaw +2 spare).
    The 4 custom-made nail biting deterrent devices will be shipped to you along with a special kit and detailed instructions. From this point on you will send weekly pictures of your hands for an 8 weeks followup until you stop biting your nails

What is included?

step 2: order the self-impression kit

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